A Painting Tutorial

You are talented. You have the abilities.

So… you want to get started. What do you need?

A pencil. HB will do.

Some watercolour paint 🎨 : if your a beginner I would recommend at least a student grade set. I wouldn’t recommend the red tin poster paints you used at school.

An eraser.

A simple paint brush set. To add texture in your painting. I would recommend a variety set.

Paper is essential. I recommend a watercolour paper. If you can’t find watercolour paper. You could try stretching some thicker paper. Wet it and tape into a hard surface. This will help prevent it from rippling.

Now to start our painting!

My painting is to the right.

So to prove a good result I had my partner, a very unartistic fella have a go. He is a total novice. He has absolutely zero art experience.

See… his painting is fabulous. This tutorial will help you hang a beautiful colourful watercolour. That you created! In your home.

You could even give this as a gift.

Step 1: draw a branch shape.
Step 2: put a simple ice cream shape under the branch. A triangle then a circle on top.
Step 3: put a circle on top of the ice cream shape. Add a leaf shape inside the body.
Step 4: on the face add 2 eyes and a beak.
Step 5: (optional) add 6 triangles for feet. 3 together. Space. 3 together.
Step 6: here is your final template!

The next step. Step 7 is the most important. Have fun. Here is a quick video tutorial.

For this I would recommend you painting the wing a solid colour.

Outline the birds belly with any colour. In the middle add lots of water. This is the wet on wet technique. It will help your chosen colours to blend with each other.

Next I would recommend colouring in the head. But do what you feel like doing. The greatest part of this bird painting is that it is up to interpretation. It’s individual to everyone that paints it. Have a splash. Add some bright shades. Paint in some details. Be abstract. Remember no 2 paintings ever turn out the same.

Example. this is my second bird through this tutorial method.

Please give this a go. Email me your result to be featured on Nempeartis.com!

Don’t forget to frame it.

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