Oh, Beautiful City.

I haven’t posted anything in a while as I’ve been really busy but I was recently reminiscing about the time I spent in prague. I found inspiration to draw this beautiful building. I hope you like this peice. 🤗🤗 A simple line illustration with a little added spice. I uses the random colours shapes andContinue reading “Oh, Beautiful City.”

Art For sale.

All of these paintings are for sale. £50 framed. Unframed £25. Free p&p for UK only. £8 p&p. Worldwide delivery. All original paintings. No print have or will be made of this work. It is truly unique. Please contact me to purchase one of these paintings. Further details upon enquiries. Thank you.

A Painting Tutorial

You are talented. You have the abilities. So… you want to get started. What do you need? A pencil. HB will do. Some watercolour paint 🎨 : if your a beginner I would recommend at least a student grade set. I wouldn’t recommend the red tin poster paints you used at school. An eraser. AContinue reading “A Painting Tutorial”


Art is amplified when it is displayed correctly. I could put my art on a fridge magnet. Thus it would be viewed differently from the art works that have been curated. To put it simply. Doesn’t my art look fabulous framed. Also I bet you are wondering about that fridge magnet. Well it’s here too!Continue reading “A FRAMED COLLECTION.”

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