Oh, Beautiful City.

I haven’t posted anything in a while as I’ve been really busy but I was recently reminiscing about the time I spent in prague. I found inspiration to draw this beautiful building. I hope you like this peice. πŸ€—πŸ€— A simple line illustration with a little added spice. I uses the random colours shapes andContinue reading “Oh, Beautiful City.”

Digital Art 🎨

Hello everyone. Long time no see. I honestly can’t believe some of the amazing feedback that I have received from my blog, I never expected to receive the amount of support I have so thank you so much. Too anyone who has recently followed me its great to have you here. So what have IContinue reading “Digital Art 🎨”

Hey Wanna See Some Art.

So these are the peice I’ve managed do in free time from packing to move. But firstly I want to thank you all for reading and following my blog 😊 so thank you!!! 😊 They are all digital becuase I’ve packed all my art stuff 😭 but I’m getting better at digital art 🎨 HereContinue reading “Hey Wanna See Some Art.”

So I started digital art in September this is my journey. Into the unknown…

I’m still very much a amateur when it comes to digital art but I’m giving it my best shot. This is a comparison of my digital art when I first started to now. This was my first digital portrait. The first ever digital art piece I had created I didn’t really understand the medium butContinue reading “So I started digital art in September this is my journey. Into the unknown…”

Art For sale.

All of these paintings are for sale. Β£50 framed. Unframed Β£25. Free p&p for UK only. Β£8 p&p. Worldwide delivery. All original paintings. No print have or will be made of this work. It is truly unique. Please contact me to purchase one of these paintings. Further details upon enquiries. Thank you.

A Painting Tutorial

You are talented. You have the abilities. So… you want to get started. What do you need? A pencil. HB will do. Some watercolour paint 🎨 : if your a beginner I would recommend at least a student grade set. I wouldn’t recommend the red tin poster paints you used at school. An eraser. AContinue reading “A Painting Tutorial”

I have a degree… but I’m still learning.

So I have been working on my skills. I had been in a art block. After focusing. I rediscovered my talent. Recently I have been making digital art. That’s doing okay but my real talent is painting. Here is a old painting. I had it uploaded on my personal Instagram account. At the time IContinue reading “I have a degree… but I’m still learning.”

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